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Off The Beaten Path

Have you ever wandered off the beaten path, if so come wander into Zigzag Gallery and find a new adventure. Zigzag Gallery is hosting a new exhibit of Paintings by Local Artists Lynn Wiley and Jacobe Noonan. Also on display are handmade Anatolian Needle Lace Jewelry by: Oya Macey. Exhibit dates are October 7th - November 27th 2022. Our Hours are Friday-Sunday 12-3pm, or by appointment. All are welcome.

Horse Head
Chicken and Eggs
Blue Hat
Grazing Longhorns

Our new business hours are Friday-Sunday 12-3pm, but we are open by appointment also. All are welcome.


Oil Pantings by: William Rust and Photographs by: Stephen Gyurisin, May 21-July 17 2022.

Squirrel Island, Boothbay Harbor
Rockport Wharf
Summer Solstice

Also, Ceramics by: Fran Newquist and David Newquist and Artistic Woodturning by: Don and Harriet Maloney.

Fran Newquist
Don and Harriet Maloney

La Petite Menagerie

La Petite Menagerie

Tia Maggio: Gouache & Collage

Pamela Day: Etchings & Monoprints

Dates: October 24 - Novermber 30 2018

Artists Reception: Saturday October 27th 4-7pm

Clay 5 Ways

Clay 5 Ways

Recent work by: Bradley Birkhimer
Jane Cullum
Joan Gardiner
Fran Newquist
Peggy Wollins

Dates: September 12 - October 14 2018

Artist Reception: Saturday September 15th 5-7pm

A Double Sunrise

Open Pathways

Recent Work by: Gomer Pyles

Dates: April 25 - June 3, 2018

Artist Reception: Saturday April 28th 5-7pm.

Piedmont Painters

The Artist's Journey

September 14 - October 15, 2017

Artist Reception: Saturday, September 16 from 4-7pm

Robert Patierno Print
Robert Patierno

Linda Malone
Linda Malone

David Williams
David Williams

Lynn Wiley
Lynn Wiley

Boat Scene

Faith image for Evite

Leap of Faith

Recent Paintings by: Ezmira Junkala

Dates: December 9, 2015 - January 17, 2016

Artist Reception: Saturday December 12, 2015 from 5-7pm.

Captured Moments

Watercolors by Mark Parmelee

Dates: September 27 to October 26, 2014

Artist Reception: Saturday October 11 from 5-7pm

Maggio and McCagg painting #1
Maggio and McCagg painting #2

The Return

Recent Pastels and Paintings by Tia Maggio and Winslow McCagg

Dates: 17 Oct. - 16 Nov. 2013

Grand Opening Premier: Saturday-19th Oct. 5-7 pm

clay 1
clay 2
clay 3
clay 4

Clay Perspectives

Inyoung Han Lee, Fran Newquist, Martin Karcher, Wayne Willson

Dates: September 12 thru October 12, 2013

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 14. 3-6 pm

Summer Highlights 1
Summer Highlights 2
Summer Highlights 3
Summer Highlights 4

Summer Highlights 2013

Recent Work by: Janie S. Mosby, Christena Weaver Smith, Kathleen Willingham, Nancy Brittle

Also on view:
Paintings by: Tom Depree<
Sculptures and Drawings by: Jennie Lee Knight<
Photography by: Tim Medley<
Quilts by: Mary T. Buchanan

Dates: May / June / July 2013

Mary Buchanan postcard

In Between

Mixed Media Quilts by: Mary T. Buchanan
Master of Interdisciplinary Studies Thesis Exhibition
Virginia Commonwealth University
Dates: 13 April- 11 May 2013
Opening Reception: Saturday 13 April 5-7 pm

cat attack

In The Heart Of Nature

Celebrating the Life and Art of Jennie Lea Knight
Dates: 9 March- 6 April, 2013
Reception: Saturday 23 March 5-7 pm

Jennie Lea Knight (1933-2007) was an artist of many facets. However, while her sculptures evolved from purely abstract forms to very small carved pieces, the ultimate inspiration behind these works and her paintings, drawing and prints remained constant – her profound appreciation and love of the natural world around her.

Zigzag Gallery is honored to have this opportunity to show a small selection of Miss Knight's work. For those who knew her personally, as well for those who are just being introduced to her art, we hope it will be a memorable and inspiring experience.

"Edgewood" Oil on Canvas

A Sense of Place

27 October - 2 December, 2012
Landscape Paintings by : David Williams
Opening / Artist Reception 10 November 2012 5-7 pm

Three vases
Photo Credit : Genia Blackwell Rosenblum

Fahrenheit 2300

6 September - 14 October, 2012
Ceramic Works by: Veronika Jenke
Opening Reception: Saturday 15 September 2012 5-7pm

Gerhard The Harpiest
Confront Depree

Birds of Different Feathers

May 10 - July 1
Paintings by: TOM DEPREE
Paintings and Sculptures by: HANS GERHARD
Opening Reception - May 12 5-7 pm
Artists Talk Saturday 2 June 2012 2pm.

Maggio 1
Maggio 2


April 5 - May 6
Paintings by: WINSLOW McCAGG
Pastels by: TIA MAGGIO
Artist Reception - April 14 5-7pm


Feb 16 – Mar. 25
Recent work by: JOHN MENDEZ
Opening Reception- Feb. 18 5-7pm
Artist Discussion – Feb. 25 2 pm



12 May - 3 July 2011



Mary T Buchanan quilt

An Exhibit of exquisite quilts by:
Mary T. Buchanan
24 MARCH – 8 MAY 2011


14 Oct – 21 Nov 2010


Opening Reception Saturday 16 OCT 2010 4 to 6:30pm
Artists Talk, Sunday, 14 NOV 2010, 1 PM

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