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Jo-Jo: The Story of a Special Horse

By Laurie Haynes
Lazy Cat Press, 2009

Lazy Cat Press is pleased to announce the publication of Jo-Jo: The Story of a Special Horse, by Laurie Haynes. This is the true story of a young horse who beats the odds, having been born several months prematurely, and who now, at age 10 years, enjoys teaching his young riders all about the joys of riding and understanding horses.

This charming tale is told by Jo-Jo himself (straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say), with a little help from his owner, and the “co-author”, Laurie Haynes, who figures prominently in the story. Jo-Jo’s unique personality and sense of humor shines throughout the work. It is truly an inspiring tale, one that leaves the reader with a strong feeling that “you can climb every mountain”. Young readers, particularly, will find Jo-Jo’s story especially enjoyable.

The story is set in the Virginia Piedmont area. The author, Laurie Haynes, a well - respected equestrian and riding instructor, has devoted her life to helping people understand and communicate with horses. The book was designed in The Plains, VA, by Susan Jeffries and printed by the Piedmont Press of Warrenton. Along with several photographs of Jo-Jo, both in his early days and as he is now, the book is illustrated by five ink-wash drawings by local Virginia artist, Susan Jeffries. 40pp.

Jo-Jo: The Story of a Special Horseis available:

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